A Specialist VAT Reclaim Service for Self Builders and Converters

VAT Refunds

The creation of a dwelling by new construction or by conversion normally entitles a self builder to reclaim VAT paid on the purchase of materials, once the project is complete. The amount refunded depends on how the project has been managed and can amount to many thousands of pounds. Early advice from a specialist may be invaluable.

I provide a specialist VAT claim preparation service for self builders and converters. A substantial record of settled claims and satisfied clients proves the success of the service. My experience as a quantity surveyor and a self builder is at your service.

Claims prepared by a specialist have the best opportunity to achieve maximum refund. My aim is to achieve full recovery of claimable VAT. HMRC figures show that over the period 2004-2009, 9% of submitted claims were refused and an overall 19% of the amount claimed was disallowed. The majority of the claims I prepare are approved without adjustment.

A specialist can identify and help to eliminate queries before the claim is submitted. This is essential if the claim is to be settled swiftly and without adjustment as queries raised by HMRC during the checking process are likely to extend the processing period.

Efficiently and clearly presented claims achieve the greatest success.

Claim preparation

The claim preparation service is particularly beneficial for a first time self-builder as the time consuming sorting and scheduling of documents is undertaken for him, saving many hours of preparatory work. There is no need to learn about claim procedure or get to grips with the small print.

I prepare the VAT refund claim as client's agent, using the documentation amassed during the construction/conversion process.

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